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Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting. This site is new and we are only starting the process of inputing all the information about our current horses, our sold babies, our activities. Please, bear with us and visit our blog for news...

NEWS: We test all our PRE horses and PRE horses for sale for piroplasmosis using the strict cELIZA method, see our BLOG post HERE for more information....

We are a small breeder of the amazing Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Andalusian horse, Pura Raza Espanola horse) located in both the Czech Republic close to the beautiful city of Prague and in Spain close to Madrid (Yeguada D Espana). We value quality, health and loving character in our breeding philosophy more than anything - our horses and babies are very people loving and trusting and you can rest assured they have a gentle foundation for life. We will never grow huge, quality tops quantity. I fell in love with the PRE andalusian horse in 2006 while living in the USA for 8 years before moving back to Europe after Stanford Graduate School, heartfelt thank you goes to Gabi Baker of Yeguada Romerito in Michigan for introducing me to this incredible breed and for parting with my soulmate Ducado (To read more about me and our journey, click HERE). Our yeguada has a 10 year old history already, however I realized that it is a very slow process and I enjoy the journey of building the dream breeding program very much. Slowly and with much work, everything is improving, from knowledge to experience to shows results up to SICAB last year. We were fortunate to have met some incredible experts in Spain and spent much time there in the last 5 years. Older breeders of generations of history of PRE breeding are an amazing wealth of information and I am grateful to every single one of them for taking the time to educate me and answer all my endless questions. Without them, all of this would not have been possible. Last year was a proof of that - our new calificado PRE mare of champion results and incredible offsprings, her daughters, our new stallion Dobres (his sister became Champion of Mexico 2015), his show success and finally our first attendance with a horse (Dobres) at the world championship SICAB. An important year and a culmination of our efforts. All of this we owe to all the incredible friends and family we made in Spain. We have many plans of course and will continue our efforts, there is always so much to learn :-) We have a small number of our own foals every now and then, some available but only to the very best homes. We also offer some PRE andalusian horses for sale here on our website but only horses from our closest friends in Spain, where we know they have always had a good life, we know them personally for a longer time and they are healthy and piroplasmosis negative. All our sold horses have their own page here on our website in the HORSES FOR SALE category and updated photos from their new homes and some also have their story described there. I am trying to make this happen for all of them but it just takes time so please be patient with me. But I believe it is important because it shows you that we really take our time to place our horses for sale to good homes, even if it means we might be selling a horse for a year or two. We stay in touch and visit as much as possible, get updated e-mails and news and updates from the happy new owners who become like family to us. It is really the only way I could do this and it also makes it special then and worthwhile - receiving an excited update with beautiful touching pictures is just the best feeling in the world :-)

Here is an article that was written about us in the biggest equestrian magazine in this country, November 2015 issue. It is translated to English by the magazine, hope you will enjoy it, click HERE TO READ THE PDF. You can watch the "SICAB BEHIND THE SCENES WITH YOUR OWN HORSE" 40 minute movie HERE. And here is a 6 page article written about us and Dobres in the Andalusian World Magazine in USA, you can read it HERE.   You can also read a Winter 2016 article about our dressage PRE stallion Ducado YR representing the Czech Republic at the 2016 European Dressage Championship of the Iberian horse in Italy - this article is in English in the Andalusian World Magazine, which you can find here on pages 28-33.

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