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More news from USA = this time Dina :-) 25.06.2016

More news from USA = this time Dina :-)

We got more news from our sold horses = this time an update came on Dina, who has just turned 2 years old in May. The photo is showing her in the middle and her friends that she is growing up with = a yearling on the left and a 3 year old on the right. Ye...

Ferrari 7 weeks old :-) 06.06.2016

Ferrari 7 weeks old :-)

Finally had a chance to take a bit more photos and also a short video of our 7 weeks old buckskin boy DUC FERRARI. He is just really special = I just do not know how else to put it :-) Hope you will enjoy it, the video has music instead of the text as tha...

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