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DUCADO - first dressage competition in level "S" 16.04.2016

DUCADO - first dressage competition in level "S"

My darling Ducado attended his first dressage competition in the level "S" this past weekend. He is not very experienced in competing at all so there was a lot he had to handle. On top of all of the new noise and things, it is Spring and given he is an active breeding stallion and there were many girls around including girls with foals in pastures right next to the warm up and competition arena, it was a big deal for him :-) But I have to say, I am super proud of him as he handled it very well and was a very good boy. He did get worried a little bit about a banner and little things so his concentration was a little off but he did very well anyway and we managed to obtain 1/4 of the needed qualifications for the European Iberian Dressage Championship held this October in Italy. Super proud of my boy. More photos can be found on his page here:

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