Fall 2017 News and Happy New Year 2018 To All :-) 01.01.2018

Fall 2017 News and Happy New Year 2018 To All :-)

This post is coming so much later than I would have liked.... 

Things were so very busy during the Fall and actually all 2017 that I had very little (well, none really) time for updating the website and so there is so much that I need to add. I am hoping to find time soon so I can add new pictures of the horses, publish new stories of our newly sold horses and their new soulmates and all of that - I promise I will do so as soon as I get the chance...

To summarize our latest news: We were very lucky to match some of our horses to their perfect partners - I cannot say how happy that makes me. I love getting happy news and happy photos and hearing all the lovely stories - all of that just makes all of this worth it. And makes the fact that I have to part with my horses a lot easier...

Our Hermosa found her new home in Canada in the home of a dressage trainer and rider. Deseado found his person in Germany, also a dressage trainer. DUC Ferrari has been sold to my Grand Prix dressage trainer/rider who met him and that was that :-) I have to say that somehow our horses tend to attract their soulmales from the dressage circle of horse owners, which I guess should really not surprise me that much given their movements and personalities. What makes me very honored is that we have also been receiving some incredibly positive comments from famous Olympic dressage judges lately on our horses and even had an offer on our little 2017 DUC Geisha due to that.... I always prefer a good loving home to a "top only" home but of course am very blessed when both of these aspects come together :-)

Other than that, our horses are just enjoying themselves and we have been giving them much needed time off with a lot of fun and fun rides out on trails and in nature and in the snow and so not much more has been happening. 

Our little ones, from 2017, are growing like a weed and they are sooo big :-) And gorgeous - both of them :-) I will make some new photos of them but it will have to wait until Spring because right now, the two balls of fur could not be photographed even if I would like to try :-) At this point, neither of them are offered for sale. DUC Gollum is a dream come true for me as a breeder and I really would like to give him more time to see how he will mature. Yes, I should not be keeping more boys at all and he might enter an age where I will feel guilty about it and will like to find him his own soulmate, however that moment is not here yet. DUC Geisha is the sweetheart of the whole place and so that is a tough one - she has the movement of her full brother, DUC Ferrari, who created such a stir among the dressage circles, and she is the most personable foal we ever had = sooo waiting on that one too :-) I am hopeless, I know :-) We will see what happens, things have their own way of working out and so I will trust in that :-)))

We visited SICAB of course as every year and it was a pleasure seeing all our dear friends again there. Spent few days in Seville and met all the horses and all of that - if you have never been, it is a must do if you love this breed of magnificent horses!

In 2018, we are expecting only 1 foal - and that is from our Sultana. Of course, it is going to be a full sibling again to all the stars - Hermida, Dina, Gollum... I hope it is going to be a girl and that one is staying as given Sultana age, I am not sure how many foals she will still give us and so every new one is a treasure. Selling Dina was something I did not want to do and so another girl would be a big dream come true for me. It is also funny that this year, we have a "H" year for naming foals and her full sister, our other Sultana daughter, is named starting with a H as well - Hermida. So, to me that is a sign and this baby is going to be my second dream "H" Sultana daughter :-)))

That is all the update for the last few months from us...

I would like to wish everybody the VERY BEST NEW YEAR 2018 - may all your dreams come true this year :-)



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