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Frozen Semen of our 175 cm Dobres PLC in the USA at the end of April 2017 - available to select few PRE mares 15.04.2017

Frozen Semen of our 175 cm Dobres PLC in the USA at the end of April 2017 - available to select few PRE mares

We are finally finishing the process of exporting the frozen semen of our Dobres PLC into the USA. The container is being filled and what is left at this point is only last minute preparations and then the FedEx to USA and clearance.

The frozen semen is going to be managed and stored in Texas by the famous top PRE breeder and champion home RANCHO DEL LAGO, owned by the Henslee Family. This will give great control and time management flexibiliy as they are used to organizing breedings every breeding season.

Dobres has a very high quality frozen semen and we are offering it this year for the first time to a limited number of selected mares. If you would be interested, please do contact us ASAP as obviously time for breeding season is almost now :-)

Dobres is a young true 175 cm tall PRE stallion with over 30 offspring who were exported all over the world already. He is the son of the legendary LOTUS (see info in the OUR HORSES section) and of the famous PRE stallion Duque CXIII. Dobres has exceptional calm temperament that he passes on and when I say calm, I mean very calm - he has bred a lot and he is probably the easiest PRE I have ever had in my hands and given he bred and lived in Spain most of his life that means a lot. He CONSISTENLY produces height (and when I say height I mean height), bone, incredible head and built and a gorgeous movement that goes from behind through the body - not only a leg mover. I would recommend breeding to Dobres if you have: fine bone, small height, a bit too much of arab blood, a bit too much of arab shaped head, a nervous horse or too energetic, leg mover and need more dressage, need better back for riding, need an easier calmer stallion...

You can find much information about Dobres and his mom and dad on these pages in the section of our horses. Many photos of his offspring are also here, on his page. 

Thank you!

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