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Levante in his new home in the USA - such happy news from new owner :-) 04.01.2017

Levante in his new home in the USA - such happy news from new owner :-)

Our beloved PRE colt Levante is now in the USA and has been for few weeks already. I am so happy because of how incredibly this match worked out. I really took the time to find Levante the right home because he is the sweetest and absolutely most loving and easy going colt there is and it was very hard for me to let him go. So only the very best home as with any of our sales was an option.......

Given how many horses are out there for sale and how much work it is to find the really perfect match these days, I would like to share few words that Levante's new owner, Didi, wrote me before Xmas. I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes as I do everytime I get a message like this from new owners of our sold horses. I hope Didi will not mind me sharing this with you. Cannot wish for more, really:

......"I have the best present ever snug in my barn.....Thank you for entrusting me with this beautiful boy, he is everything you said and more. I couldn't be more pleased! Just to give you a good laugh, I did check that he was intact, he seemed too sweet to be a stallion, my husband got a good laugh when he asked what I was looking for :-) He is very lovable, when I was scrubbing him with the curry, he was hugging me! My arms got tired because he didn't want me to stop....He gets mash all over his face and then thinks it is hug time :-)" ...... 

There is much more but you get the idea. Levante is a 2013 PRE colt who went through quite a lot of changes and traveling and flying and all of that in the last months before he finally made it to his forever home and this is how he is few weeks after he arrived. 

I have to say that things can be tough and finding the right homes takes a lot of dedication and work but all of it and no compromises during the process feels so very worth it when the outcome works out like this. I have been very blessed with my sales and new owners always become friends and send me regular updates. It is luck of course too but I really think that having quality horses with loving characters and doing the diligent work during the sales process also helps. 

Thank you Didi for giving Levante such a loving forever home and I wish you both once again many quality memories together!!!

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