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Slowly maturing PRE breed..... 24.11.2015

Slowly maturing PRE breed.....

This collage is a nice example of how very slowly does this incredible breed mature.....

On the top left photo is a PRE mare Calidad PLC when I first met her. She was 4.5 - 5 years old at the time and alreday participated in few shows including one SICAB.

The rest of the photos is also Calidad, few years later, taken all this year in 2015. She has been exported to Guatemala to a prestigious Yeguada Roberto Moll in the meantime where she had two amazing foals, one by our Dobres PLC and one by a Ferrero stallion. She attended a number of shows this year in South America and pretty much won everything she entered. She finished her 2015 show season by becoming a Grand Champion Mare of Mexico :-) Incredible result for an incredible mare..... and honestly, would you recognize that this is the same horse if not knowing when looking at the above photos? :-)

This just shows you how well do these amazing horses teach you patience :-)

(Calidad PLC is a sister of our stallion Dobres PLC, out of the same mother, the legendary Lotus)

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