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Registered as buckskin but born palomino looking. His father is a palomino stallion, so maybe that is why he is looking like a mix of palomino and buckskin. He has the chestnut gene of course from his sire. He can sire foals of the colors of buckskin, palomino, perlino and cremelo. 

In his bloodlines he also has the famous Grand Prix PRE stallion and 99 Champion of Spain, Atiza II. He is well known for not being just Grand Prix horse himself but being from a family where many PRE siblings and offsprings achieved Grand Prix level. Do not miss his video on the right side of this menu, made by his breeder in his honor, it is very touching...

Deseado is a beautiful boy who shines in the sun, will be light and will most likely due to his age stay light. He was born 04/2014 so turned 2 years old in April. No matter how strange his color seems, it definately makes him special and unique, you can be sure nobody else will have a ever that looks like him :-) 

Deseado is more of a one person horse. He is intelligent and learns very fast and is always looking towards his human for interaction and reassurance. What we show him for the first time in his life, he learns very fast and it is very easy on the second try. We would like to find the very best home for him and find him his own person because he really is looking for his own someone. He will be a very personable boy. He is curious and always loves to do new things....

Deseado was born and bred in Spain and came from Spain at the end of summer 2015 from a small and loving PRE breeder, a 70 year old neighbor who took good care of him. He grew up in nature and with a friend and is trusting of people and does not have any bad life experiences. He is now located in the middle of Europe in Prague now, easy to transport anywhere. He is slowly being taught all the things he should know in order to be ready for his new home and his special someone. He is going on walks in hand in nature, he learned how to loose jump, he is being handled by the farrier and veterinarian, he is learning something small and new daily. See photos of all that he has accomplished since he arrived. He is ready to go to his home and with the way he is, he will make somebody truly blessed. 

Deseado has been tested in the export laboratory Boese in Germany for piroplasmosis using the strict Eliza method. He is negative in all respects and is therefore eligible for export to the USA. 

We are offering this amazing PRE boy to the very best home only because he deserves the very best. Very gentle and easy and very loving guy ready for his soulmate. ANCCE/Spanish Passport in hand, inscribed in the Pura Raza Espanola Studbook in Spain, eligible for revision with Spain. He is 2 already but since he has not bred yet of course, we will obtain the virgin certificate from ANCCE for him so he will be able to get exported avoiding the expensive and lengthy CEM quarantine, making this an even better opportunity. He is only available because he is a boy and given our time commitments and work load and 2 PRE stallions, it is only fair to such a personable boy to have his own soulmate forever. His friend Levante was just exported to Washington USA and so it is time for Deseado to find his forever home as well - hence the very fair price for such quality. He can really fly (incredible floating trot above ground) and so if you are looking to add lightness and movement, elasticity and suspension, long mane and color to your breeding program, Deseado is your special boy. 

If you fell in love with him, please contact us. Only the very best home for this personable guy. 

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