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Breed: Pura Raza Espaňola 
Date of birth: 10th of April, 2016
Dam: Decidida VG (Yeguada Velasco Gonzalez, see her page HERE)
Sire: Divo PM (Yeguada Paco Marti)
Color: Buckskin
Expected height: 16+ hands, 14 hands butt hight at 5 months and 1 week old......, 145 cm at withers and 150 cm behind at 8 months old.....


Our PRE Andalusian Buckskin Colt just turned 1 year old and here are some new photos. Stunning and so talented and calm - son of famous perlino stallion Divo PM (you can see that in him for sure) and a full sibling to the 2017 expected foal. Moves through the body, from behind, with natural talent and elasticity, exceptional walk and canter - riding partner for him preferred. Calm and easy and very loving, learns fast, imprinted (sleeps in your lap) and raised with much love and the best nutritional foundation. I believe he could handle breeding and riding at the same time given his character. Will be tall, 16-16.1 hands. This is the one of the very best PRE buckskin horses I have ever seen and given his parents, it is no surprise. This match just really works. Feel really blessed to have repeated the breeding, Decidida is due in June and there is a 50% chance of a double cream perlino foal. 
He is located in Europe and currently with me here in the Czech Republic. He is piroplasmosis free and so eligible for export to USA. As I have already sold few of our horses to USA (I lived in the USA for almost 10 years and imported my stallion from there so am happy to provide references for your peace of mind) and have trusted contacts in all the right places, I am going to help you with every single step of the way so he could be exported having a safe and happy experience. As he is under 24 months old, he is eligible to bypass the CEM quarantine upon arrival to USA, which means his export cost is going to be on the low side. He would be in the best hands the whole time, I will manage it all and help with completely everything, all the way until you get him in your hands. He will travel from here direct to Belgium to EHS stables where he would spend few days and then fly - easy process, we have done it before and my friend Bruce at EHS will make sure Ferrari is safe and happy and in the best possible care. Really, you would not need to worry at all. 
He is priced on the low side given his quality in order to help you offset the export. So even with that, he is a great opportunity, especially given he is the direct son of DIVO PM - very few are available as breeding to him is exceptionally expensive and hard to get. He represents the absolutely best cream lines in the world in the PRE breed - from Moret II to Paco Marti, you name it. He is all around as perfect as it can get and you can already see it on his YEARLING new photos - which is something as at this age, we all know what rare it is to have a decent photo :-))) 

He still has winter coat on his new yearling photos so seems a bit dark but he is shedding out light and so will be lighter in the summer months. His color is not going to be boring - it will have a different shade every season :-) He is obviously going to be able to produce cream foals as he has one copy of the cream gene....you can see many photos of his parents on our website, including new photos of his 10 months pregnant mom and the incredible DIVO PM photos :-) 

FOR SALE BUT ONLY TO APPROVED HOME. He is the most loving and ideal PRE foal we ever had and has my heart. I will only let him go to his own person who will love him forever - a true soulmate. I know you read this everywhere that a horse for sale is loving and loves people, but he is honestly a whole new level. You can see it on all the photos and videos on our website - he is so calm and so love giving, it is hard to describe. If I would not have my stallion, my soulmate, I would be keeping him for me without a second thought. He will change your life, no doubt about that. I have yet to meet a horse of his personality. He is the love of everybody here and a true dream come true. 

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