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Hermosa Z:

Breed: Pura Raza Espaňola 
Date of birth: May 2013
Dam: Saeta XVII
Sire: Dobres PLC
Color: Bay
Breeder: Yeguada Sierra de Guadalupe
Estimated to mature at 170+ cm, measures around 168 cm August 2016


Hermosa is just turning 4 years old though and she is ready for her ONE PERSON (this is the typical one person PRE horse, she is not available to a home that will throw her in a pasture and not pay attention to her) that will work with her and give her the attention she would like and spend quality time with her. She is truly a one person horse with an incredible huge heart - takes a little bit to trust and then she would do absolutely everything in the whole world for you. I can only imagine what she will be like under saddle for her one own person, this is the type of heart that takes dressage horses to victory over others and that just brings tears to your eyes. Which is why she is being offered under these terms, as I want to give her this and given all the work and other horses here, I am just not it for her. 
She is going to be exceptional in every single way one day. I am saying one day because she is the daughter of our PRE stallion Dobres PLC (Yeguada Sierra de Guadalupe, some of the best PRE lines in the world these days with recent siblings becoming champions of Mexico and Costa Rica and all over the place, SICAB finalist, see our first SICAB adventure video on our website) and a champion mother line that matures very late. So even though she is turning 4 years old, she still has ways to go to fully mature and this is also why she has been just left to be happy with her friends to give her time and keep her healthy. She is at a perfect time then for her own person to start her and get to know her and start their journey together. She is still in that leggy stage with no filling out yet and we have kept her weight on the reasonable levels because of that, she has been well taken care of and ever since I have known her, she has never had a single health issue. (I have known her since she was a weanling as you can see on her weanling photos). 
Hermosa is about 168 cm tall at this very moment and I think she will still grow a bit more before she will start to finally fill out a bit. She is bay with no white markings. Has a beautiful head and eyes, feminine looking, very sweet look on her face. Great back and strong hind end. She does not move like a typical PRE - she has true dressage potential with extension and power from behind, just look at her photos. Even as a young foal she had it and even when butt high during all this growing she had it. You can just imagine what she will move like when fully mature. 
She is located in Europe and currently with me here in the Czech Republic. She is piroplasmosis free and so eligible for export to USA. As I have already sold few of our horses to USA (I lived in the USA for almost 10 years and imported my stallion from there so am happy to provide references for your peace of mind) and have family in Spain where I spend quite a bit of time on regular basis, I am going to help you with every single step of the way so she could be exported having a safe and happy experience. She would travel from here to Spain, close to Madrid, to my family where she would have to wait for few months in order to qualify for the ANCCE virgin certificate export, which would allow her to bypass the CEM quarantine in the USA upon arrival. The export process would then start and she would then be able to travel once all the paperwork gets taken care of. She would be in the best hands the whole time, I will manage it all and help with completely everything, all the way until you get her in your hands. 
It is very hard to find PRE mares like this given her talent, her height, her breeding potential and her age (knowing she had the time to grow up without starting her too early) - all of that is a combination that is tough to find. Her lines are also very rare in the USA and she is the granddaughter of one of the very best PRE mares of all times - LOTUS. These lines are not just legendary in Spain, they are pretty much guaranteed to produce quality and consistently. 
Now the conditions.... I am only doing this for her so she can have the home she in her heart wants. This means that I am only going to sell her for this price to a home where she will have her one person as her person and would get the chance to be started and ridden and have the quality life I described above. The more time in pasture the better as she has been used to this her whole life and of course she could be bred and have foals (it would probably be a shame if she never did given her quality and her lines), however I would really love a home where she would also be ridden and not be "just" a broodmare. This is a girl that should not ever get sold and I was hoping to keep her but I had few PREs in the past with her heart being one person horses and when I see how incredible they are for their soulmates and get the updates and photos from their happy owners, I just really want her to have the same. Some horses are happy being in the pastures and having horse friends and not a close human relationship with one human, however some are like her and it is just not fair to her. I love all my horses more than I can say and even though I can see her mature in my head already and know how special she will be and her foals, I know the right thing to do for her and for somebody out there is to let her go. She will make somebody truly blessed and I feel honored to be a part of her journey in finding her soulmate. 
Her price to this kind of home at this point would be 12500 USD, which means that after the fees to get her to Spain and to get her through the export etc, you will still be on a price that is well below her worth and below what she would cost you in the USA. She is a steal for this price even including the export cost - but you have to be the right home for her. 

Her sire is Dobres, you can find so much information on him on his page on this website, including a 40 minute movie from his first World Championship SICAB in 2015 that we made for an article about him coming up in the new magazine issue of Andalusian World Magazine in the USA. You can see not just behind the scenes Sicab and how Dobres looks like but also his gentle and kind character that makes him so special and that he passes on to his offspring.

Her dam is Saeta XVII, bred and branded by the well respected Yeguada Fernandez de la Vega in Spain, you could see their website HERE.   Saeta XVII is a 1992 mare of the old prestigious lines, a daughter of the famous Orfebre and a Mariscal X great grandaughter. She attended many shows in Spain during 2001 and 2002 and she ALWAYS placed in the top 3 spots! Incredible mare and mother, she gave some amazing offspring, for example Brenes PLC and Golbardo, both sold to Mexico. On this page, you could also watch a video of Brenes at 5 years old before being sold, he already measured over 171 cm and was just gorgeous. Hermosa is his half sister...You can find many more information about her family and lines on Dobres page. Hermosa and her full grey sister are her last offspring and Hermosa is the only one of all her 13 children who is not grey! Saeta is now finally enjoying her well deserved retirement at the age of 24 years old...

Hermosa has changed so much since she arrived to us here from Spain. She is the favourite of many here and everybody who sees her falls in love with her right away. And then you see her move..... the video does not do her justice, I remember still being shocked afterwards for few days and kept thinking about how truly extraordinarily she moves. This is so rare to see in this breed. She is not just a PRE, she is a true FEI talent. And she has the character and height to go with it. She is the typical one person PRE horse - sensitive with a huge heart that she wants to give to her one person that she will trust and will do absolutely everything for. 

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