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DUC GOLLUM *pictured on main photo at 7 weeks old

Breed: Pura Raza Espaňola 
Date of birth: April 28th, 2017
Dam: Sultana XXVII - reproductor calificado, multi-champion in Spain
Sire: Dobres PLC 
Color: SOLID BAY except for small white on his face
Expected height: 170-173 cm, around 17 hands
Sex: Colt


We would like to finally introduce our new baby - born on April 28th - I still did not have time to make the announcement until now :-) 

It is a truly stunning colt - the first time this proven cross of Sultana and Dobres produced a boy, we always had girls.... he is incredible and well... you can already see how special he is, future champion without any doubt!

Sultana and Dobres have produced some of the very best PREs I have ever seen and you can already see it on this little boy that he was born special and true to his full siblings.

As we are having the "G" year with foals, he was named DUC GOLLUM, which makes everybody just smile :-)


Feel so blessed, this boy is one in a million.....Sultana is so happy too that she has a boy, it is very cute and very obvious. She had a very smooth and easy delivery, which at her age of 20 years old this month is a true blessing. She looks even more beautiful post birth and I think it is due to her new boy :-) She just loves to be a mom :-) If all the tests prove good and she is all healthy and wants to do it again, she wil be re-bred to Dobres for 2018, hoping she might bless us with another girl to keep..... DUC Gollum might be available to a special home given he is a boy, however you are looking at the best of the best so please bare that in mind. Thank you.

First few photos here are when he is barely 10 days old - and yes, he is something :-)

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