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DUC GOLLUM *pictured on main photo at 7 weeks old

Breed: Pura Raza Espaňola 
Date of birth: April 28th, 2017
Dam: Sultana XXVII - reproductor calificado, multi-champion in Spain
Sire: Dobres PLC 
Color: SOLID BAY except for small white on his face
Expected height: 168 cm, around 16.2 hands
Sex: Colt


TOP QUALITY Tall 4 year old Pura Raza Espanola stallion available to loving and gentle home only.

Raised from baby with lots of cuddles and love, that is the home I want for him. I priced him so he gets his very own person forever. Unique opportunity for the right person/home.

DUC GOLLUM is a strong, gorgeous, correct, powerful horse with a heart of absolute gold - the sweetest most people loving young stallion. Full brother to USA Junior National Champion Filly. Incredible bloodlines, son of my calificado champion mare Sultana (recently passed and an absolute angel soul) and son of my stallion Dobres (Lotus x Duque son). He is about 165 cm now and will mature between 167-168 cm (my best guess, his full siblings are between 169-175 cm but he seems tiny bit smaller but might surprise still as these are slow maturing lines).

He has a super advantage for his future as he was raised by me from being born with much love and super care so is not only loving and trusting but also super healthy and has the perfect foundation for whatever future he will have. Powerful mover with strong hind end, he is really strong from behind, which is rare in this breed. He has an amazing walk. He also naturally moves in the correct outline through his back and can extend.

He also has the morphology to win PRE shows.

He was given time to grow and develop and lived outside until recently. He is now in the process of being backed - just started few weeks ago and in a very gentle way. You can see his beginnings in the videos, I think it was his 2nd time on the lunge line at the time of the indoor video and his 4th outside. He is very gentle and kind and used to people so much that it has been a breeze. I got on him also, only in walk so far and he just wanted love, nothing phased him at all. Seems normal to him as he is used to people so much and loves to please with all his heart. The video at liberty is without any pressure at all, just letting him stretch a bit. You will not find any pressure in any of the material, unlike on videos/photos from Spain.

He is a full package and can go far with his person = whatever the direction. He has the heart, the talent, morphology and bloodlines for it. He will do everything for people and that will also go a very long way. This is a once in a lifetime horse that will change somebody's life forever. I wanted him as my riding partner for the future but with 2 stallions already - Ducado and Dobres - it is a tough one and not fair to him either. He wants love and his person. He is piroplasmosis free in case of USA interest and I am happy to help with export as have done it before and can provide USA references. Located in Czech Republic now. If interested, please contact with details about you and what kind of a home he would have with you. He is a steal for this price but only to the most loving home. Thank you very much for your time.

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