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Decidida VG:

Breed: Pura Raza Espaňola
Genderí: Mare
Date of birth: March 2006
Breeder: Yeguada Velasco Gonzalez
Dam: Gamarra VII
Sire: Moret II
Height: 15'1-15'2 hands (her dam 16'1 hands)
Color: Smoky black
Piroplasmosis: Negative

NOT IN FOAL FOR 2018 - Deci is taking a break this year and is having fun under saddle - she is also the one who is being ridden by children as she loves taking care of them, she will even participate this year in summer camp here as kids' ride :-) She will be bred most likely for a 2019 foal.....

Decidida is our love, she has been with us since she was imported as a coming 3 year old when we talked Sr. Carles into letting her go. She is smoky black with one copy of the cream gene so usually has this beautiful shiny chocolate/coffee like colour. She is not very tall herself but her dam was and so she gives foals bigger than her, usually they are around 16 hands. She is very well put together, people and especially vets always comment on that. Looks like her legendary sire, Moret, in this respect. Moret daughters are hard to come by because it is well known that they produce very good foals. Deci has the strongest hind end I have ever seen in this breed, which is her best feature. Other than her being exceptional under saddle = talented, intelligent and very safe. Her foals inherit that as well, we receive consistent reports that they get started by their amateur owners who are completely amazed at the process and adore the characters of their horses. She has a year of professional dressage training on her and she has always been our trainer's favourite mare to ride. Super work ethics and no mood swings or issues sometimes found in girls under saddle. The most lovely ride. She loves the attention she gets when ridden and loves every minute of working with her human, so much so that I keep debating with myself whether it is fair to her to "just" keep having foals.... 

Decidida had 4 foals by now. All very easily sold and all owned by the most loving and adoring owners. We see them on regular basis, they became like family and we always receive all the updates and reports and they are always so very positive. It is so very rewarding to get a phone message from the owner completely "slobbering" over what their horse just did. First foal was a black girl who was the smallest but moves like there is no tomorrow, incredible mover like our Ducado, her sire. Owned by a man, funny enough, exported to Slovakia, they are the most adorable couple. He is so in love with his horse, it is touching. She would do everything for him. Second was a girl, Bambi, also by our Ducado, the same colour as Deci, smoky black with cream gene and just the most talented mover you can imagine. Taller and so loved by her owner, this time a girl. She started her herself and they only rider together, nobody else rides her and they are just amazing together. They attend clinics and always are adored by all there. Bambi has never set a foot wrong and her owner can still not believe it that such a horse can even exist. Third foal was a double cream gene colt sired by the legendary Paco Marti stallion Revoltoso XXIX. Cremoso or Cňuf (loving nickname) was born looking like a statue, it was incredible. First time we had a blue eyed foal and this whole experience was just special. He was sold very early and is loved so much that the two are just made for each other, forever soulmates. You can see photos of them on this website on his page. He is turning 3 years old next month and she has sat on him few times this month just to see how he will react and of course = we all know by now how that went :-) Just an amazing partnership and incredible horse. He was actually purchased by a friend of the owner of Bambi based upon recommendation and so that makes us feel even more honoured. 

In 2016 she had a colt, a real stunner = buckskin boy by Paco Marti stallion Divo PM. Divo is a half brother to Revoltoso and the difference is in the Carmelo II stallion who is also in his line, who is a sire of Moret II. Felt like the right choice and to be honest, she is being rebred to him this year because it is obviously the right match for her. Ferrari, yes the name says it all, was born with very long legs, big joints, incredible build and such a loving demeanor, it was almost surreal. He is only 6 weeks old now, but already you can tell how special he is. Sporty movement with extension and amazing hind end and the personality to go with it. He loves and I mean LOVES people and will make somebody so very blessed. You can find more information about him on his page. The boy was so incredible that we repeated the breeding to Divo again and in 2017 Deci had a buckskin girl with very long legs, big and the gentlest personality you can imagine. She is a huge love and has taken my heart completely by a storm. Not sure what I will do with that at all :-) 

Deci is a proven girl from all respects and we are very grateful to Sr. Carles Velasco for agreeing to part with her at the end. She has my heart and is very special to me. I would do everything to make her happy.

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