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Dobres is a young stallion with incredible genetics and offspring. He has about 25 PRE foals on the ground, all still pretty young, who look very much alike. He has a big future ahead of him as a sire of quality tall PRE foals. He is himself only just 6 years old few months ago and so a bit new to all of this, he will be attending his first PRE shows in few weeks in Spain. He is now near Seville with the "Maestro of Maestros" Juan Gavira. Dobres is very tall, around 175 cm and has the most majestic and kind character. It is very rare to meet such a calm and kind PRE breeding stallion, he handles everything with such ease and intelligence. That is what I love the most about him. Reminds me of his sire Duque. His parents need no introduction, sire is Duque CXIII (Champion of Spain, Calificado, Jover Reproductor Recommendado and Reproductor Mejorante). His dam is the legendary Lotus, who is now 25 years old (you can see photos here of her both when young and when 24 years old with me) and who gives incredible foals. She is also around 170 cm tall herself and calificado. Her foals are winning PRE shows around the world, her daughter Calidad, owned by Yeguada Roberto Moll in Guatemala just became the Champion of Mexico few months ago. Dobres is still young and needs to mature and in few years he will be just stunning. A true gem. We have quality frozen semen from him for USA, Europe and South America, stored in Spain. I am so very grateful to have been able to purchase Dobres, it is a dream come true :-) 

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