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I did not have much time for updating the part of the website on our girls and when I got another update on Dina just yesterday from the USA, I realized I still do not have her page updated... So here it goes :-)

Dina was sold to USA last year. Yes, I did not want to sell her and she was not for sale. But of course, sometimes things happen and when Judy and Walter and the whole Henslee family fell in love with her, what was I supposed to do, right? :-) We all know how this goes :-) 

Dina just turned 2 years old in May and pictured on the photo is with her two buddies, 1 year old on the left and 3 year old on the right. She is in the middle and of course the biggest one, which is normal with offspring of Dobres as he consistently gives height with any size mare. We are extremely grateful to Judy and Walter to give regular updates and photos since Dina left = yes this photo is a bit tough because given the grass the girls obviously do not feel like lifting their heads up much :-) But Dina has the place running according to her, which is very funny but also a bit expected = according to Judy, Dina feels like all the humans are just hers and hers only and should be cuddling her and scratching her nonstop :-) Had to laugh because I know exactly what she means, Dina has been this love bug since a baby :-)

Judy and Walter bought Dina and also Espinilla PLC (owned by my friend in Spain) and we are happy that they are happy with everything and that we were able to organize things so well. It was the first time I organized export and I have to say I am glad I know all of this now because would not like to learn it all over again :-) But we did great as the girls had a very smooth and easy ride all the way to Texas :-) Stepped out of the trailer, looked around, said hello and searched for cuddles. With Dina being only a yearling at that time, we were all so very proud of her. Everybody throughout the process, from her stay in Belgium while waiting for the plane, to the transporter in USA, commented in shock on her impeccable behavior the whole time. That just shows the incredible character of the PREs and the noble temperament of Dobres and his offspring. So proud :-)

I am honored that such a legendary PRE breeder like the Henslees (Rancho del Lago) chose Dina for their breeding program and can hardly wait for her to mature and show us all the amazing girl she will become. Every sale for me means about a week of tears and sadness for a while so very hard but knowing the home is a forever home and this loving, it really makes it much easier for me. I am so very grateful that people like Judy and Walter find me, so very grateful. It is such a feeling to be receiving all these happy e-mails from new owners of our sold horses and feeling the joy and love through their updates of "my babies" = what more could one wish for, right? :-)

Anyway, I could go on and on about this, so better stop. I wish I could keep them all, as we all know how that goes :-) but of course that is not a reality for most of us. But I am thrilled so announce that Sultana is in foal for next year with Dobres again and so with some luck, there will be another gorgeous girl from this crossing, full sister to Dina and our 3 year old Hermida :-) 

Thank you for reading this long and somewhat "sobby" update :-))))))

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