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TOP OF THE TOP = GRAND PRIX SCHOOLMASTER WITH OVER 70 GRAND PRIX STARTS and 55 GP RIBBONS (two last photos are when he is taking a VERY beginner to her first show last month and winning!)



ABOUT AMPERE: 100% Trakehner, turning 17 years old. PRIVATE TREATY. 

Ampere is only around 162 cm tall (a bit under 16 hands) so he would be suited for a young girl or a short lady rider. He has been ridden by a GP trainer and rider only all his life. They made this journey together and it has been an incredible one. They both taught each other. He is healthy and has always been ridden in a gentle way, he would not be a horse for a strong hand and a strong rider and that's not the rider we would want for him. He is actually now competing in Grand Prix only in the gentlest snaffle bit, nothing else, ever since the Czech Dressage Federation made it show legal this year. He loves it and goes in as well as in a double bridle. This makes him very unique at the shows, of course, with so many huge and hard to handle warmbloods here :-)Ampere has 160 starts in dressage shows both nationally and Internationally, out of this 70 times he competed in the Grand Prix level and out of this 54 times he placed in the first five places: 3x first place, second place 12x, 11x third place, 17x fourth place and 10x fifth place. His best score in the Grand Prix level was almost 68%. Some of his other accomplishments were 1st place in the Championship of Bohemia in the adult category in both 2008 and 2010, named best dressage horse of the Czech Republic for 2013 and 2nd Best for 2014, 3rd place of the Dressage Championship of the Czech Republic in 2014 in the adult category. He is still competing Grand Prix this year, last show few weeks ago where he received his record score so far. He is very much used to the competition show world and after some "getting used to each other time" with his new rider, he would have no problem going out there and competing right away. His owner is only offering him because he loves to work and the two of them have gotten to their top together already. She would love for him to take all he knows and use it to teach somebody else. He still has so much to offer and he would be an excellent school master for somebody who would like a safe and reliable teacher to learn and compete with at all levels. He is sensitive and with very little effort does all the exercises. He is turning 17 years old this year but he has not experienced any harsh treatment, only gentle approach and being treated like her baby. Clean Xrays available, done recently in November. He is used to hacking out (mostly works outside and not in her enclosed arena), does not spook, goes into water / lake / river, has very good balance and loves hills alone or with company, very safe and happy horse. 

Few details about him as his owner will not let him go to anybody who would be anything less than a perfect fit for both of them, of course. He is only available to a woman or girl. Hey goes into pasture / paddock alone , however it should not be any problem getting him used to going with another horse. Right now, he always has horses right next to him anyway. He is in a box over night and actually loves his box more than other horses so he would not be very happy outside all the time. When it's too hot, he prefers the shade of his box. He would prefer a gentle rider with a soft flexible hand and an independent seat, everything else could be learned. He has never had a rider who would pull on his mouth and should not have to have one now. He is a very loved horse and a friend and his owner would do everything in her power to help him and his new rider to make them a very happy couple. I am attaching a video of the two of them, showing what he knows, except I forgot to include single flying changes on the circle. Which he does without any issues, even on only a gentle snaffle!!!

He is still competing, going to shows now and doing very well, he loves to work and compete. He is completely sound and healthy. He took my trainer's complete beginner student to a show even last month = her first time ever = and they won 1st place. He was so very cute = took completely care of her, looked super proud of himself and happy to be doing this and never set a foot wrong! It was so touching to watch! He would just love a role like this!

My friend does not speak English, however I am very happy to help. So please do feel free to call or email me with any questions you might have. Ampere stands very close to Prague, in the Czech Republic and I am happy to help with everything-including travel arrangements, if it comes to that. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you.

VIDEO from Fall 2015 - we borrowed two young beginner girls (7 and 9 years old) from a friend who saw Ampere for the first time that day to show that he could be ridden by even a young girl. First time they heard about leg yields or tempi changes. Enjoy the video. Only a private treaty sale. If you would be interested in him, please first write us an e-mail about you, your plans with him, your goals, what kind of a home he would have with you, where are you located etc. The more information you could give us, the better. We want only the right match and happy soulmates, so please take the time to give us all this information. Thank you for your understanding. 

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