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Levante carries the brand of my close friend in Spain, he was bred and born in Spain and has been in the Czech Republic since the summer of 2015. He turned 3 years old at the beginning of February 2016 so he is at the ideal age for his soulmate to get to know him well and spend some quality time together before starting ridding. I remember the first time I met him in Spain - he was standing in the corner of a paddock he shared with about 10 other colts and instead of playing with them, he was just looking at me wanting to say hello. When I went inside and stood by him, he very gently sniffed my hand and then put his head on my shoulder and just stood there. He was almost afraid to breathe and move. It was a very memorable moment for me and he has been in my heart ever since. I guess it was meant to be and I am very happy he is now here with me and I can find him his own forever soulmate and home where he will receive all the love and devotion he so much deserves. This was no coincidence, he really is that gentle and kind. And not just that, he is also exceptionally calm in everything he does, even though everything is a first for him, truly incredible character. Have never met a horse like this before. He is special and will be suited even for a first time horse owner. He has been able to handle walks in nature, swimming in the lake, big agriculture machines, cars, veterinary injection, farrier, new environment, ground work - all of this during his first few weeks here and without one single hesitation. Impeccable behavior in everything he has done here so far, sometimes I can hardly believe it, to be honest :-) After all, he was a young PRE colt with no human handling :-) Despite this though, he has grown up in a healthy and happy and safe environment without any bad experiences and given his special character, that is all he needed to trust and adore people. You can lay down with him in his stall and cuddle, sit on him, walk around him, whatever, he will let you and be happy you are there. With all this said, obviously, he is only available to the most loving and caring home where he will continue to be this happy and trusting.

Levante might be quite tall. Given his talent, we wanted to make sure his Xrays are clean and he is healthy on the inside as well, so we took him to one of the best clinics in Spain, to our friend, an exceptional veterinarian who owns the place. He took 12 Xrays, all clean, and he also told us that his growth zones are very much open still at this age and that he will be a big boy. His full brother, who is a year older, was about 165-166 cm at 3 years old. Levante is only around 160 cm now though so seems like he will be more like 16 hands but then again, he is obviously a slow maturing type so might surprise and go like the vet said and reach 16.1 hands. Only time will tell. 

The big plus with Levante, other than his character and height and color, is his sporty movement. He lacks the issues that this breed could have like soft back, weak hind end, low quality canter and walk. Levante moves with a strong hind end and power from behind, with an uphill tendency and plenty of suspension. He has an excellent back and good balance. A favourite of my Grand Prix dressage trainer and rider. Given this, he would be great for somebody who would like to do some sports with him, be it a professional rider or an amateur, but we do not want to limit his options. He is so special that he could be suited for whatever your heart desires.

Eligible for export to USA. Tested and ready. This is the most talented and easy and calm PRE stallion we came across and he comes recommended with all my heart as he will never ever set a foot wrong. He will be the most loving and easiest stallion you could imagine. I am NOT overdoing it if I say that he is one of a kind in this respect. And to find this in the rare chestnut colour is basically unheard of, period. You will fall in love and wonder how can a horse like this even exist, I completely guarantee that!

We are offering this amazing PRE boy to the very best home only because he deserves the very best. Very gentle and easy and very loving guy ready for his soulmate. ANCCE/Spanish Passport in hand, inscribed in the Pura Raza Espanola Studbook in Spain, eligible for revision with Spain. He is 3 years old but since he never bred, we will obtain the virgin certificate from ANCCE for him so he will be able to get exported avoiding the expensive and lengthy CEM quarantine, making this an even better opportunity. From here, through Belgium (through our contacts at European Horse Services professional export company), including flight, fees, customs clearance and entrance to the USA at JFK with ready to be picked up in New York by you, the export fee would be only around 6500 this way. We are more than happy to help arrange the whole process because we want to make sure he gets to his soulmate home safe and sound and happy. The whole trip this way without the CEM takes a very short time, only few days to Belgium, few days there, flight and 3 days in JFK. For more information you can look at our website or at our friends and clients Rancho del Lago in Texas who will be happy to provide references for us or even help you with the purchase. We have just exported two girls to them to US and are very happy to help you with this export so the experience is an easy and happy one for you. Please contact us if interested. Thank you.

CURRENT PHOTOS COMING SOON.... these are all from 2015. If you are interested, please first send an e-mail about yourself, what are you looking for, what would your plans be for him and what kind of a home he would have. It will help us determine if this might be the right match, for you and for him. You will not find another one like him and I am even actually a little bit nervous to find him the home he deserves because this is the very most loving horse I ever had the honour of knowing and that is quite the responsibility!

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