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Breed: Pura Raza Espaňola 
Date of birth: 1990
Date of death: 2016
Dam: Etna
Sire: Viboro IV
Color: Gray
Height: 172 cm

Offspring: Passionaria (calificado, champion, 1997), Quarzo (Grand Prix Dressage, calificado, 1998), Correpoco de Nadales (2008, by Judio VII, sadly had an accident and passed away, it was the famous Yeguada Nadales future star), Cobena PLC (2008, Champion of Costa Rica 2017), Calidad PLC (2008, calificado, JRR, Champion in Spain and Champion of Mexico 2016), Lote (2010, future star of famous Yeguada Algaida), Esanos PLC (2010, calificado and JRR, champion in Spain), Dobres PLC (our own breeding stallion), Izara Z (her last offspring, double line bred to her, 2014, last daughter)


Lotus is here only as a reference to show how incredible these lines are. The best of the best in Spain went above and beyond to have this blood in their breeding program. Even I was surprised by how famous they are - when you say the name LOTUS in Spain to anybody related to the PRE world, they will all know who you are talking about. She was a true legend and I still meet people who tell me stories about how they saw her years ago when she was young getting out of the truck when arriving at SICAB and how they will never forget that moment and her.... She was a very impressive mare, the type you just do not see anymore. I met her when she was already 24 years old and spent few weeks with her and then throughout the next few years until her passing and even then she left such an impression and really touched my heart. It is very rare to see such tall PRE mare with all the right angles and bone and such completely out of this world movement. And what is even more amazing is that as you can see by the quality of her offspring, she is capable of consistently passing it on to her children. I am pretty sure that is why Dobres is capable of producing the quality he is producing, I can see Lotus in his offspring and when they move, well, it is obvious where that is coming from....

Her last offspring, her 2014 daughter, is double bred to her - linebred - as she is her daughter and the daughter of our Dobres who is the son of Lotus. She is still very young for her height, just turned 3 years old, but she is her copy and when you see her move, you just cannot comprehend it. This is going to be a one incredible PRE one day, without a doubt the best one I have ever had the priviledge of ever knowing...

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