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DUC Ferrari at weaning age of 6 months :-) 15.10.2016

DUC Ferrari at weaning age of 6 months :-)

Our "little" boy is not so little anymore :-) It is hard to believe how time flies. He just turned 6 months old and we have slowly started the weaning process. I am so very proud of him! And not only because he is just so handsome and is growing into such a wel put together boy but first and foremost because he is such an intelligent and gentle colt! He learns everything so easily and always tries to please his person. I think I do have to admit that he is probably the easiest and gentlest foal I have had the honor of raising and I am very touched by him. He will make somebody very happy one day and will change their life for sure...

You can find many more photos from this day here on his page http://yeguadad.com/nase-kone/duc-ferrari-sooty-buckskin-83

Ferrari is available for sale because it would just not be fair to him to keep him. He is a one person horse and really deserves his soulmate. If you are interested and would give him a loving home with quality gentle care and top nutrition, do not hesitate to contact us. He is the direct son of the legendary Paco Marti perlino stallion DIVO PM and out of our Decidida (branded Yeguada Velasco Gonzalez, Moret II daughter). He is dark sooty buckskin, I think he will look similar to Moret in color when mature, so has the cream gene and is tall = measures over 14 hands now.

Thank you :-)

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