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Our horses

We are proud to be one of the quality oriented PRE andalusian breeders that focus on every single individual andalusian horse in regards to quality, quality care, attention and nutrition. Here you will find out more about our own spanish horses and even their new home/soulmate if sold. Each one of our horses is loved with all our hearts. Their calm and loving temperament is only topped by their movement and their overall quality is the best of the best that Spain has to offer. All our PRE horses are tested negative for piroplasmosis and eligible for USA export. Some of our spanish horses have already been exported to USA and Canada and found exceptional homes there so not only do we have references we could provide but also we will arrange the whole process for you to ensure a safe experience for the horse and an easy one for you. We also have frozen semen of our top 175 cm PRE breeding stallion Dobres PLC (the very best bloodlines that Spain has to offer) newly in the USA starting at the end of 2018. We rarely sell our horses though and only have 1-2 foals per year and we really select the homes they go to, so if you are interested in one of our horses, please send us as much information about you as possible including what kind of a horse you are looking for so we can determine as best as possible whether it would be a good match for you and for the horse - thank you :-)

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